im namen der kunst!
alles für die kunst?

   Gadji beri bimba - Hugo Ball

gadji beri bimba glandridi laula lonni cadori
gadjama gramma berida bimbala glandri galassassa laulitalomini
gadji beri bin blassa glassala laula lonni cadorsu sassala bim
gadjama tuffm i zimzalla binban gligla wowolimai bin beri ban
o katalominai rhinozerossola hopsamen laulitalomini hoooo
gadjama rhinozerossola hopsamen
bluku terullala blaulala loooo

zimzim urullala zimzim urullala zimzim zanzibar zimzalla zam
elifantolim brussala bulomen brussala bulomen tromtata
velo da bang band affalo purzamai affalo purzamai lengado tor
gadjama bimbalo glandridi glassala zingtata pimpalo ögrögöööö
viola laxato viola zimbrabim viola uli paluji malooo

tuffm im zimbrabim negramai bumbalo negramai bumbalo tuffm i zim
gadjama bimbala oo beri gadjama gaga di gadjama affalo pinx
gaga di bumbalo bumbalo gadjamen
gaga di bling blong
gaga blung
im stuhl
ältere frau
sohn von kato zwapfel
kalino dignose
e nääzrellje (manchmal)
der liebe gott ist
auf dem parkett
mima paddington
papa was hat der denn der mann? der hat zuviel geraucht und trinkt zuviel kaffe mein kind
ein Bar - fuß
popeye und die geister die mich riefen
ich und

The Best Friend I Ever Had
It’s been a while since I wrote you
Not that I don’t miss your face
But God has reminded me
Has let me borrow his grace.
He has shown me your life touched so much more than me
So to keep you all to myself
Would be nothing less than greed

I still miss your contagious laughter
The way you wrinkled up your nose
The way your eyes sparkled
Oh, I really miss those I miss calling you up
And you yelling for it taking so long
Yes, sometimes I still cry
When I hear your favorite song

I still wish this was a dream
That I could go to your house
Watching and enjoying you
Just watching you go about
The days sometimes go forever
The nights can be so hard

To say how much I love you
Would fill a greeting card

I get angry so often
People take for granted time
I wish they could see

This broken heart of mine
How foolish people are

Wasting words of vile intent
Oh, the regret that happens
When all your time is spent

I feel closer to God now
We talk a lot more

About His divine plan for me
The blessings He has in store
I’m sorry if I ever failed
To tell you enough I’m proud to be your brother and friend
I love you very much
When I mess up...we know

I will Just give me a gentle nudge
I know you will mean well
And you aren’t trying to judge
But that’s what families do

Look over each other’s hearts
That hasn’t changed even though
We’re further apart
Thank God for the time
He gave to us down here
We will always have your memory
Only your body disappeared
If there’s one thing I got

From your time with me

I hope it was your loving way

And bright energy

Cause sometimes
the clouds seem to part
When I’m missing you too bad

Like God’s giving me a moment

With the best friend I ever had


LM Young